Re: Adding events to the site

Mark » Jan 24 '15
Just to let you all know, we have a special `events` function on the site where you can add event information, including date, location, information and the ability to invite other site users or show that you are attending.

This also shows as a list of events in date order on both the home page and the special event page so we can all see events that might interest us.

See and let me know if you have any problems with adding an event (I don`t know what the current permissions are). Note that usually the person who adds the event is listed as attending - I`m not going to all of the ones I have just added (I wish I was!).

Let me know if this is useful for you.



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Re: Adding events to the site

SFMuk Admin » Jan 26 '15
Thanks for the reminder Mark.

I`ve added a few shows, but surprised at how many (Milton Keynes, Scale ModelWorld) don`t have any details up for this year and are still showing last years details.

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