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Re: Scale ModelWorld 2014 Telford

Anthony Hughes » Nov 10 '14

Was a good weekend on the whole, spoilt only by some goddam awful traffic on the way up on Friday and back home again sunday night.

I managed to hold my reserve and buy *no* kits! But I did get loads of supplies - paints, glues, cleaners, styrene etc etc to use on the pile of kits I already have :-) Hope to finally start on some of the Dragon Iron Men after being inspired by some on show.

Had a good result in the contest - got a silver for my SD Davey Jones, and gold for a crate of `rotten` fruit in Miscellaneous (ok, there was only 3 entries), but also chuffed to pick up the Gerry Anderson trophy for my illuminated WoW tripod. Kathy also took gold in busts with her Kyle Reece. Turnout and quality in all the SF categories was really good - seems to be steadily building despite many of the traditional cats seeming to be shrinking...

Took a bunch of pics, but as usual managed to still miss loads of stuff!


Anthony Hughes
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Re: Scale ModelWorld 2014 Telford

Alun » Nov 11 '14
Thanks for the photos Ant!

Looks like some really good stuff.  Makes we want to make sure that I get to one of the bigger shows next year.

Also good to see some of the Iron Man kits.  Did an online search for pictures of builds yesterday and almost nothing comes up of the Dragon kits.

Thanks again!


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