Fairy Power Spray

Anthony Hughes » Nov 16 '15

This has been my paint stripper of choice for many years - did an excellent job of removing almost all types of hardened paint whilst being pretty human-friendly. Was also good for cleaning out the deepest recesses of the airbrush.

Well now they have gone and changed the formula and it's now, well, crap. Tesco hasn't been stocking it for a while, but I finally picked up a bottle in Sainsburys at the weekend. It's now thinner and orangy - there's a "Low viscosity formula" badge on the label now. if you find some of the old stuff still, stock up. Oh and let me know where!!


Anthony Hughes
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Re: Fairy Power Spray

SFMuk Admin » Nov 16 '15

Now there's progress for you!

SFMuk Admin
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Re: Fairy Power Spray

Gareth James » Nov 16 '15

Should use Aldi. Total old skool cleaning products. Still nursing the chemical burns.....

Gareth James
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