Re: The USS Austin.

Eric Moore » Sep 2 '15
Been a real long while since i`ve built or scratchbuilt a spacecraft.
But, moneys tight, so how do i go about that?
Then the lightbulb goes on and i remember my oft-negleted build, SO neglected in fact that i actually started it some 35 years ago!
Long-time followers may remember this, if you`d like more info then type six million into the search bar up top here.
But, in a nutshell:
Back in about `79, all fired up on Star Wars, Battlestar Galactica, Blakes 7 and the like, the teenage me attempts to turn his old Six Million Dollar Man Repair Station into a spoaceship. Before giving up on it.
Fast forward about 6 yaers ago and i stumble on it in my mum`s attic and wince at the crudeness of it.
But thought, as it was one of the projects that got me onto this scratchbuilding lark, i`d finish it off.
And that`s what i`ve been doing every few years until i get bored with it each time.
And now`s the time to try again.
These shots are how things are right now, and its a real mix of different bouts of building - the original, painful parts are visible in there, but i`m slowly covering them up.
The underside was just a blank sheet of cardboard (yes really) when i re-discovered it and, last time i was working on it, i addressed that with this pipe and girder work, heavily influenced by the Valley Forge in "Silent Running".
And i`d made a "head" for it two out of a couple of ribbed tupperware bowls stuck together.

With a few more kit bits added (mainly from the excellent source of parts, the Airfix Scammel Tank Transporter), the cockpit of the Austin is ready for Grey Primer, and i`m almost done now on busying up the main section. I`ve also put blank plate on each side to take some sort of landing gera or somesuch

Eric Moore
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Re: The USS Austin.

Mark » Sep 2 '15
We need a like button! Always impressed with your scratch building skills. Well done on giving new life to an old build.
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Re: The USS Austin.

SFMuk Admin » Sep 3 '15
Very nice.  Has a sort of Star Wars meets Alien vibe going on.  Not sure why though....


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