Re: Introducing Ellen Ripley (finally!)

Marten Richens » Aug 26 '15
Well folks I have finally finished Ripley! I`m sorry for not posting any progress shots, but I got fed up taking them and then having to strip her down or rip her arm off again so I didn`t bother this time. What I ended up doing was:

Cut off her head to reposition it slightly angled.

Cut off her left arm to get it in a more dynamic pose, this entailed building up a rather large hole on her side.

Repositioned her thumbs and fingers to show her holding the joysticks.

Cut her torso at the waist to twist it to show the effort she is about to unleash on queenie.

cut off the existing harnesses as they were too short and too thick and I replaced them with some .25mm plasticard.

And finally I painted her and stripped her and painted her and stripped her ad nauseum.

I`m still not happy with the face, but there`s bugger all I can do about that as my sculpting skills aren`t up to much (yet!), but overall I am happy an she is a vast improvement on the way she was when I received her. So without further ado, here she is:



Marten Richens
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Re: Introducing Ellen Ripley (finally!)

Mark » Aug 26 '15
Better sculpting abilities than me! She looks rather melancholy though, almost wistful, heading into a Zen-like state just before kicking the Queen`s behind I guess!

Love the denim effect on the overalls, how did you accomplish that?

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Re: Introducing Ellen Ripley (finally!)

Marten Richens » Aug 27 '15
Thanks but hopefully I`ll soon be getting a DVD on sculpting with Fimo created by a lady called Patricia Rose, who is a bit of a hippy but bloody good at sculpting! I`ll let you all know how well I get on...

I totaly agree with you regarding Ripley`s expression, she looks too peaceful and (if I may use  `90s-ism) blissed out. I just don`t have the skills to resculpt her face. You can`t really see her saying the immortal "Get away from her, you bitch!" can you?

I got the effect on her overalls by mixing the base colour from Vallejo Dark Blue Grey (P157), Neutral Grey (P160) and White (P001). There was no exact formula for this I just did it by eye. Next I turned her upside down and ran a black wash into the creases and folds. Finally when that had dried (and had the excess removed!), I turned her up the right way again and dry brushed her with the same base mix with more white added. I only dry brushed her in one direction, going down the leg. Then a coating of the Vallejo Matte varnish on her clothes and a 50/50 mix of gloss and matte for her skin as she`s supposed to be sweating.

Next up is starting to get the Power Loader assembled and Ant has posted the light for the top, so that shouldn`t be too far now...

Marten Richens
Posts: 203
Joined: Nov 23 '13

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