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Dean Eyre
I forgot to put this on here.
Anyway a commission build so sadly (very) it's not mine but after it got shipped from the states I got stuck in
This is what you start out with for the neck , and the second picture is what I ended up with once I'd poured glue all over the parts and just rolled them together.....(Obviously I'm joking)
I added the parts in front of the tube myself to make the area a bit more "busy" looking.

Dean Eyre Jan 9 '15 · Comments: 19
Marten Richens
Well folks, I have finally finished my Drop Ship dio and I am happy with it (finally!). It has taken most of this year to build (and rebuild) making me question why I do this, but I came through all the adversity and now have a finished piece. And it's my first lit project as well.

Here are a few snaps of the dio. I created the Alien on the ramp out of wire and thin strips of PVA soaked newspaper.

Photo Bucket Slide Show

Now I can concentrate on the Angel Interceptors...

Have a great Christmas everyone and I hope Santa brings you all the plastic and noxious chemicals you could possibly wish for!

Marten Richens Dec 24 '14 · Comments: 2
Picked up the new 1:24 scale Iron Man kits from Dragon recently and here is a quick review of them.  They are available for around the £12/13 mark on places like eBay at the moment.

There are 4 kits available at the moment and they are labelled up as Series 1, so I assume that if these are successful then there might be a Series 2.  Boxes are all the same for them:

It's not until you turn them over that you can see which one is which (note the small dot next to the image on the back).... more

Alun Aug 27 '14 · Tags: iron man, dragon, 1:24
SFMuk Admin

What You Get

There have been 2 other models released by Airfix which tie-in with the Wallace and Gromit shorts, namely the airplane and the motorbike and sidecar, both from "A Close Shave". The release of the "Curse of the Wererabbit" was an obvious place for a followup. And this has been filled by the Antipesto van seen in the film.... more

SFMuk Admin

Building The MasterBlaster From Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome.

Back in 1985 I committed a crime, nothing major but a crime nonetheless. Along with a friend from school I sneaked in underage to the local cinema to see the final part of the Mad Max trilogy, Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome. I was 14 at the time and the film carried a 15 certificate and I remember trying desperately to look older than I was so I could get in and see one of my all time favorite cinema characters bang some more post-apocalyptic heads together. Cool.

The movie is filled with great characters and one of the best is the two-person entity that is the MasterBlaster. Master is the brains of the outfit, Blaster is the muscle. Together a formidable partnership not to be crossed, as Auntie Entity (portrayed brilliantly by Tina Turner) has found out on numerous occasions.... more

Paul mather

So I treated myself with a little bit of Christmas money. I have wanted to really try and stretch my painting ability to the limit and I have had my eye on this model for a long time. 

Nocturna Models product link

It is loosely based on the cover art from one of the Return to Wonderland comics, the artwork by J Scott Campbell is awesome. 

J SCott Campbell's original image

Here is the box which arrived on the 16th January. It cost 44 Euros direct form the company with about a fiver for transport from Spain. 

... more

Paul mather Jan 17 '14 · Comments: 4 · Tags: alice, nocturna models
SFMuk Admin


This has to be one of the most awaited Star Trek kits for a long time and is the first officially licensed kit to be released by Polar Lights. It was mastered by Thomas Sasser (of Thomas Models), so you can expect a high quality and well researched model.

It has been available in the US for some time and is now beginning to appear in the UK. This particular example was imported from the US, but having seen yesterday the UK version, it is identical to this one.

... more

SFMuk Admin

The Model

I picked this large 1:350 scale NX-01 Enterprise from ModelZone in Holborn, having bought the Refit Enterprise previously. Like it's cousin it is a big kit, but not quite so large. (Note: The price for these is now significantly higher than it was at the time of this review).

... more

SFMuk Admin

This is StarCasts 1:2500 all resin Nebula ship. It's a great model, the detail is really sharp and there's plenty of it. I got this kit from Dougie Bain's Starbase EV company (which is no longer trading). Cost was in the region of £35.

... more

SFMuk Admin

I picked up this kit from ModelZone in Holborn who had a fairly decent stock of both these and the similarly scaled NX-01 Enterprise for £29.99. (Note: this was written some years ago and expect to pay significantly more than this now).


... more

SFMuk Admin Jan 16 '14 · Tags: star trek, enterprise, 1:350
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