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In being generally reliable and up to date with the times, my local model shop had this latest kit on the shelf. A 1968 Life-Like Hobby Kits Fortress Lizard. Better known as an Ankylosaurus to dinosaur fans and Palaeontologists.

Actually, they had two, this and a Protoceratops. Judging by the cover, I went for this one as it looked more interesting to paint.... more

Maker: Polar Lights... RIP =(

Type: Injection moulded snap kit

Price: £7, reduced from £13

Bought from: T K Maxx (seriously)

If 1982, for me personally, was the golden year for the amount and quality of sci fi and fantasy movies, 1984 is probably the silver year. From that years bountiful crop, there were a few surprises, a few new discoveries and names to look out for, a new odyssey, two older odysseys, aswell as a few disappointments, and the genre defining really big flop, and also the second giant leap at CGI. Amongst this crop, a big budget yet unexpectant mega hit emerged. The brainchild of Dan Aykroyd and later Harold Ramis, Ghostbusters became the surprise hit of the season, taking on the big boys and winning.... more

(Please note that this item is no longer available).


A few months agao Starship Creations released a couple of new Romulan ships which had been mastered by Alfred Wong, a well known scratchbuilder and kitbasher, who has mastered many of the best garage kits on sale today. I decided to get a couple of them and the D'Korva is the first one I have finished.... more

The Cheyenne class of Federation starships is something I know nothing about. It appeared in TNG, but only as a small fuzzy ghostly Tholian Web style interphase blur in the background of the Ent-D bridge viewscreen in The Best of Both Worlds as one of the victims of the battle of Wolf 359. I have no idea if it was ever used again in any further episodes as I was not an avid watcher of TNG & DS9.... more

From the first time I saw it, the Colonial Viper from Battlestar Galactica has remained a highlight of design to me and is possibly my second favourite space craft of all time. There is very little I can add in words that can't be felt just by viewing the craft itself. It's just a masterpiece.

The bulk of the design credit goes to Ralph MaQuarrie, the production illustrator for many films.... more

Produced by Avery Models and bought from Cult TV Man's excellent store, this cost me £18.00.

"That's cheap," you might be thinking but, really, I'd say it's a tad expensive.... more

The last episode of the Next Generation was shown on 23rd May 1994 so we will be marking the 20th anniversary of this event next year and there will be a group build to mark this.


All entries must fit into the Next Generation era and can be anything from the TV series or movie period (Enterprise D and E) which was seen on screen or is an official and unseen design as long as it fits the period.  Entries can be ships, figures or hardware.  So one of the many plastic and resin ships, out of the box, kit-bash, a figure or a weapon are all eligible. Any race is acceptable, so Federation, Klingon, Ferengi, Cardassian etc are all eligible.... more

Maker: Polar Lights (re-issue from Aurora)

Type: Injection moulded kit

Price: Approx. £18

Availability: Getting hard to find

Many people consider The Bride of Frankenstein to be both the best horror film ever made and the best sequel of all time. Released in 1936, four years after the success of Universals original Frankenstein, and once more helmed by the eccentric Brit director James Whale, and starring Boris Karloff who's immortally was assured both for his underrated performance and the unsurpassable make up job provided for his monster. This sequel would also iconogrophise Elsa Lanchester into pop culture with her uber-electrified hairdo as the monsters would be, hissy fitted mate.... more

(Please note that this item is not currently available).


Let me start by making a point clear: I am generally not usually too keen on fan based designs of Star Trek ships. They tend to be from the chop and glue school of model building. What I mean by this is that the fan will take the primary hull from one ship and the secondary hull from another, sometimes with the nacelles from a third, and weld them together. This is in my opinion (and it is just my opinion) pretty lazy and generally the results don't work very well. There are natural exceptions to this but any time spent on any schematics website will reveal countless horrors inflicted by someone with Photoshop.... more


The Liberator model was the hardest model kit I've ever gone out to find. Even on Ebay they're rarer than a steak with a heartbeat but they do appear every so often, usually half-assembled by a sweating monkey with the crudest of tools imaginable. This one was lurking in the basement of Comet Miniatures in London, the actual home of the kit where the man who handed it over to me was the very same one who was responsible for bringing this to us modellers, via the cost of a couple of houses that he apparently enjoys moaning about a very great deal.

The Model

This ship was designed in the innocent days of 1977 long before the painstaking nit-picking of Star Trek or people who try and fit the interior of the Millennium Falcon into the exterior. With this spacecraft even utterly basic details like the length of the ship are still wide open to debate.

... more

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