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These builds are really a follow-up from the Halcyon Judge Dredd kit that was featured in this year's SFM:uk Yearbook 2008, so if you haven't got one yet and want to see how I did it, and Dredd in all his mean and menacing glory, you'd best pop into the site shop and order a copy!

Judge Anderson

This kit is again a Halcyon release from the early nineties. It depicts the female telepathic Judge Anderson from the PSI Division, resplendent in a rather skin tight leather uniform and Judge regalia.

Considering that this kit came from the same manufacturer as the previous Dredd build I was a little disappointed with the quality. The vinyl had airholes, and poor castings in several places. Nothing some filler and Milliput would not sort out, but after the excellent quality of the Dredd kit a small letdown nonetheless.

The build technique is virtually identical to that of Dredd. All pieces are trimmed of excess vinyl then super-glued together. Her legs and boots are filled with plaster to weigh her down and provide some stability.

Seeing as they are in the same "police" force I use the exact same colours for her uniform, the only real difference is in the skin tones. I keep her skin a fairer complexion and once again use a Mark Wilkinson picture as reference.

The base is identical to Dredd's.

Judge Death


Another Halcyon release, this time of Dredd's arch nemesis Death. From the very first time I opened the box I wasn't too keen on the sculpt of this kit. The top half is fantastic, the lower half not so good. Death is supposed to be a skeletal figure but somehow his legs just look too thin, his pelvis really square and his knee-pads are cast the same size as Dredd's and Anderson's and look really oversized on his thinner frame. I think his legs have bent a bit in the 15 odd years since he was made and have a slight inward curve to them which adds to the odd look.

I could straighten them out by warming them and repositioning them but as I do some research on the character I start to form an idea to do away with his legs totally. In the comics Death is drawn with the ability to teleport between places and dimensions, he usually appears as normal from above the waist but as a gradually diminishing type of serpent creature below and in a cloud or haze of some kind.

This starts me playing with ideas on how to achieve this look. First up I tightly form some silver foil into a rough shape I am happy with. Then after looking on E-Bay I find a supplier of Super Sculpey modelling clay. I've never done any sculpting or used clay before so this is all done by trial and error but a quick bit of internet research gives me the basics I need. The clay is pressed into shape over the tin foil and smoothed out to get rid of the worst of the bumps and hollows. A quick 15-20 min in the oven on a low heat and Death has a new lower half.

I sand down the clay with a couple of grades of sandpaper until I am happy with the surface texture then prime it with the usual grey primer.

The mist or cloud is another first for me and something I use at work quite regularly. It's an expanding foam that is used to fill holes around door and window frames. You have to be really delicate when you use this stuff, you only need a small amount as it expands in volume a lot from its liquid form. After the foam dries I gently break off the top surface skin to reveal the myriad of air holes and pockets inside. I break off some of the foam to reveal the Sculpey serpent body in a couple of places and sand off any foam residue from the clay. This is then primed and allowed to dry before painting.

I then hit a stumbling block. I'd always wanted to use the same Judge badge base as the other two but now Death is covering up the badge too much and you can't see it. I start to play around with a couple of ideas, nothing really working until I place the badge behind him and my wife suggests the gravestone idea. Genius! When you think about it what's a symbol of death? - A gravestone! Building the stone is easy enough. I cut down the badge and roll out some Sculpey with a rolling pin on a board. I cut the clay following the shape of the badge then press the badge into the clay so it didn't stick out too far. The texture of the stone is made by rolling up some tinfoil into a ball and rolling this across the clay's surface. After a quick bake in the oven the badge symbol is glued into place and the whole thing primed.

There we have one quick gravestone of some long dead Judge. Perhaps it's some sort of sick twisted game that Death plays as he comes back to dance on the grave of his first Judge kill???


Before I start the painting I do a quick straw poll on the SFM:uk forum asking about Death's colour scheme. The general consensus is an aged look with muted tones, all matt and no gloss. With this in mind I base coat his face with the same flesh tone I used on Dredd and Anderson .This is followed by a wash of Vallejo Smoke (181). My poll results also said a green rotting colour to his skin but I am keener to stick with a severely aged, dried-out look so I give the veined areas of his neck and throat a very fine dry-brushing of Humbrol (226) green. His teeth are coated with Vallejo Game Color Bone White and then a final wash of the Vallejo Smoke over everything to blend it all together. It's not the putrid rotting green the instructions and the 2000AD purists would go for but remember it's an AGED look I was aiming for and I think it works well.

The uniform's tunic is base-coated in the same Revel Aquacolor Matt Blue (56) as the other judges only this time I start with a fair amount of Vallejo Game Color Negro Black in with the blue. More of the black is added and airbrushed as a shadow colour, and remembering that I'm trying to keep an aged, dirty look I dry-brushed some Vallejo Smoke as the highlight colour. The Smoke gives a very subtle highlight over the darkened blue and keeps everything looking suitably old, I think if I'd used a blue/white highlight colour mix as I did on Dredd and Anderson it would have looked too fresh and new.

The helmet receives the same black/blue base colour, the steel bars of the visor are coated in Vallejo Model Color Gunmetal Grey (179) and the spaces in between each bar are painted in the Negro Black. The whole visor area is then given a wash of Games Workshop Citadel Devlan Mud.

I want to keep the aged, weathered look on the uniform's gold areas so each is base-coated with the same Vallejo Liquid Old Gold as used on the other two judges. This is way too shiny so I dull it down with a coat of Vallejo Model Color Bronze (175 ) followed by a wash of the Citadel Devlan Mud. I then give it all a dry-brushing of Vallejo Model Color Verdigris Glaze which leaves it with a really nice old patina . One final wash of the Devlan Mud to dirty it down a bit more and there we have some ancient, weathered gold uniform regalia.

The gravestone badge is painted in the same way as before with the Tamiya Clear Blues and Reds and then weathered as Death's armour.

The mist is simply done by using the grey primer as the base coat and then dry brushing and washing more greys and white.

The grave stone is then drilled and pinned with a couple of brass pins which angle slightly to give the stone that forgotten untended lean you often see on stones in a cemetery. Death is glued onto the base then I use some MIG Productions Dark Mud and spread this over the base. Add a few clumps of dead grass, a handful of fallen ivy leaves and he's evil spirit reliving glory days of times long past....sick!!!

By the way the timber used as the base is actually a piece of Spaulted Beech. It's a timber used a lot by fine cabinet makers and wood turners. As the young tree is growing it's artificially infected by a fungal virus that results in the black veining throughout the timber, which in itself is a rather nice tie-in with the whole death idea.

Which just leaves me with one problem........what am I going to do with a set of un-used legs, feet and knee-pads?. Any takers get in touch via the site!

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