As with the Konami Aliens Volume 1, these model kits are not your standard assembly models. Instead they are prepainted models that come in just a few parts (typically 3 or 4) that were sold exclusively in Japan as trading kits. The original retail price was 300 yen for a single randomly packaged models. These figures are from Aliens and Alien Resurrection.There were 8 kits released in Volume 2. Each is contained in a sealed box and it is not possible to identify the contents from the outside. 7 are regular kits and freely available, and are shown below. The 8th one was a rarer kit and was included in lower numbers and is consequently much rarer. The chase figure is the Sulaco from Aliens, which I did not manage to get in my sets, and so is not reviewed here.

Aliens Warrior

This (for me) is probably the oddest one in the whole set. The colours are rather metallic and bright, and seem to have been sprayed on it blotches. I like the overall look but the colours don't look quite right to me anyway.  This one doesn't have a clear dome on the head but this is accurate to the alien as it appeared in Aliens.

Alien Resurrection Warrior

I prefer this version over the Aliens one, although the pose is a bit stiffer. The colours look right to the movie and the tail has the paddle shape which is seen best in the swimming scene.

Armoured Personel Carrier (APC)

Looks right to me. The gun can move on the top. Unfortunately it isn't in scale with the Halycon Dropship, which would have been very useful.


This is perhaps the star of the batch. The details look good in terms of shape and colours etc. The weapons pods can all be moved so that it can be posed with them folded in or deployed, as shown in the pictures.


Love it or hate it, this is the Alien/Human hybrid from Alien Resurection. The pose looks right, with the arms drapped to the sides and the hunched posture and beer gut. Rather too glossy though perhaps, but could easily be corrected with a hit of dull coat.

Queen Alien

A firm favourite, maybe because of that one line "Get away from her you bitch". Again, as with the Alien Warrior, there seems to be have been some metalic colours used, which don't sit well with me. But the look is dead on, raised up high on her back legs. And she appears to be in scale with the final figure, which is Ripley.

Ripley in Powerloader

Apart from the rather odd look of Ripley herself, she seems to have become a Manga character, this is a great little figure, full of details. The colour of the loader may be a little off, being rather tan looking rather than bright yellow. My guess that this is to make it look more weathered. But it doesn't affect the overall impression much.


As with Volume 1 these are great little figures, although the use of metallics in the Aliens Warrior and the Queen just doesn't look right to me, although it may be accurate to the movies. It appears that most of the characters have now been covered from the 4 movies, so it's difficult to see that there will be a Volume 3.

Overall I'm very happy I picked these up, although maybe a little disappointed not to have got any of the chase figures.

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