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There are some designs that are instant classics, and in my view the ABC War Robot from the Judge Dredd movie hit the bulls-eye. I'd been meaning to get this kit for ages but after seeing some online shots I thought "right here goes".

On opening the box first thing that struck me was lack of instructions, just a small photo. So deep breath and out came my trusty scalpel and the wife's hairdryer. It took a while to trim all the parts and re-writing the numbers on the parts(there's quite a few). I still had some parts left over and have no idea where they go, still it looked ok.

I roughly assembled the kit to find the stance is way off even allowing for the vinyll warping. So I had to adjust the left leg. At this stage holes were cut for the wiring and LED's.

The shoulder armour is hollow cast, so after trimming new plasticard was added.

These were left off however till painting was nearly complete.
As I started to assemble the kit I thought the right arm looked way to long for some reason, so I sliced about 3/8in. out of the elbow area and reattached it. Before gluing the arms I inserted a length of stiff wire from one arm to the other to stop sagging as the outstretched arms could be affected over time. The rest was glued up(minus the head) and primed.
The base colour is Games Workshop graveyard earth. This was sprayed on in several thin coats and left to dry.

The wiring was a bit fidley and the original idea of fibre optic went out off the window as the stuff I got (3mm) was too awkward to bend inside the model (that's £8 well spent. The moral think ahead). So it had to be LED's as normal bulbs generate way to much heat for vinyl and are to unreliable. Two LED's were wired up with a resistor taking care to ensure the right polarity was followed then tested. I drilled out the back of the face piece and glued the lights in then threaded the wires down through the body and out the right foot.

Finally the base was made from MDF and timber moulding covered in foam then air clay. The battery box I decided to disguise as an electrical power box .However in a mad bout of modelling I actually forgot to fit the switch before gluing it down. So after scathing my head I cut the back open and covered the hole with a blanking piece. It's base coated in grey.

Final detail was added with washes of dirt, chrome for worn areas and extra pipes and hoses. The base had a pipe with rusty water added and dry brushed in various shades to bring out detail.

The poster was created in Photoshop then singed stained and torn.

The last thing was powdered rust pigment dusted on in a few places for wear and tear. (Great stuff, just don't get it on your clothes).
All in all an enjoyable project if awkward at times. The robot looks great especially in subdued lighting with the glowing eyes. It really brings the piece to life as it were.
I plan to take some hero shots of it soon but need a suitable backdrop for it (a dirty back alley or something).

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