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Following on from the Original Series Enterprise comes the next offering from Polar Lights, this time the Klingon D7 Battlecruiser which was seen several times during the original series but also sporadically in the later Next Generation and Deep Space Nine (or at least I believe that this was the case).

As with the Enterprise when it was release it has been available in the US for some time and is only now beginning to appear in the UK. In fact the next ship to be released by Polar Lights, the 1:350 scale NX-01 is already available in the States.

What You Get

The box has artwork of the D7 on the front and is of typical Polar Lights clam shell design, with the top folding open to reveal the contents. Although the kit can be built as a Klingon or Romulan design, and has a couple of variations for each these are not illustrated on the box, which is a shame.

The main body is made up of two parts, top and bottom, and the boom is also of two parts, left and right. It has been reported elsewhere that the boom is at an angle to the body when fitted. I can confirm that this is the case with those available in the UK as well. If you are gluing it (which I imagine most people will be) then it should not be a problem but will need some shims and some filling/sanding.

The nacelles look nice and a quick comparison to the old ERTL kit shows that they are more detailed.

The bridge area is made up with several parts and one clear piece moulded in red (not illustrated). Presumably this shoud be green for a Romluan ship?

The remaining parts are for the hanger bay on the top of the main body and some detail parts. Different styles of some parts are provided for the different (Klingon or Romulan) versions.

Some parts are chromed, for the radiators and such like. These will need stripping or repainting is some way because they're very bright and would look very out of place on the Klingon ship.

The stand provided has a Klingon symbol on it, and no equivalent is provided for the Romulan versions. Looks like it might be quite unstable like the Enterprise one.

The decals provide what looks like sufficient markings for all the ships, with the feather patterns for the Romulan version. This is actually a scan of the stickers so that the white decals can be seen. The decal sheet is exactly the same.


My feeling is that this is not as good value for money as the Enterprise, and if you recall I wasn't too impressed with the value of that one either at £12.99. The part count is quite low and the various painting options are not well described and seem like a bit of an after thought to try and convince people to buy the kit.

The kit itself looks like it should assemble quickly and easily. But the misaligned boom is sloppy and should have been caught at an earlier stage, and certainly before it was released to the public.

Overall I would say, yes this is a decent kit, but the price is not great and only buy it if you're really keen on the subject matter.

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