This is one of six new kits developed by Revell of Germany to coincide with the new Star Wars film. Revell has decided to have a different approach with these kits, and taken a new approach like some other manufacturers, by making these kits pre-painted and of a snap-fix construction. The only exception to this new approach is the Republic Star Destroyer, which is a standard glue and paint kit.

When I bought the kit I hadn't seen the film yet so I wasn't over familiar with the ship itself and therefore didn't have a reference to the kit in my head to be objective about how it should look and how detailed it is compared to the film version (not sure if the film uses a model or just CGI).

What You Get

The box art and presentation is very appealing with lots of nice high quality pictures on the box, although they are mostly of the other models in the range. I purchased mine from my local hobby supply shop for £7.99. The shop had them on a retail display stand. The box itself is quite flimsy so I had minor concerns that the contents could get easily damaged in transit.

When I got home I took some photos of the box and then opened it up and laid out the bags with the sprues in. Great care has gone into protecting the pre-painted parts on the individual sprues by the use of the bags and the way it's all packaged. So despite my concerns about the flimsy box, I had no damage to the model parts.

Having laid out the sprues on the table, I had a close look and was initially impressed with the quality and crispness of the details and mouldings and how clean the painting of the parts

Building the Model

The instructions are very clear and concise with pictures that make the assembly seem very easy. There are no decals or stickers with this kit as all the markings are already painted onto the respective parts of the kit.

Following the instructions it was easy to identify the required parts and I used a good quality pair of side cutters to remove parts from the sprues as and when required.

This is where I my first major gripe is with this model and subsequently with all the new Revell pre-painted kits. Because of the pre-painted parts, when some are removed from the sprue you can't help but leave an area where there is no paint. In other words you have a nice paint job marred by a bare plastic area and in some cases this is very prominent. The kit is a normal kit and then painted and I think revell could have spent a bit more time considering this factor when they designed these kits and taken a leaf out of Bandai's book.

What I mean is, for those who haven't seen the pre-painted Bandai star trek models, is that they use a method of hiding the sprue points by the attachment points being on seam lines or inside the parts so they are hidden when the part is removed. The only thing in Revell's favour is that this kit is relatively cheap in comparison to Bandai's models but this is still a negative point in my book. If you see the Revell promotional poster you'll see the ARC 170 (X-Wing style craft) and you'll notice the paint missing on the leading edges of the wings from the sprue points.

That point aside the kit goes together quickly and fairly easily with the final assembly of the cockpit and canopy parts being the most awkward (you know the bit where you need three hands). As a snap-fix style kit I found the fitting very good and the connecting of all parts extremely positive with minimal seam lines once assembled.

The canopy opens and closes and is a little on the sloppy side. The sides of the body/wings have little winglets that fold up and down and can be clicked into position. The model looks good and details seem crisp and give the model some character. Although painted well the rubber model of Anakin is a little weak.

That brings me to my second and last major gripe with this kit. Now that the model is completed, it would be nice to display display stand! Revell has omitted to provide a display stand for any of its pre-painted models which is a shame really because they need one. This model does not have any natural point to which it can sit on a given surface so it wobbles.


This kit, to Revell's credit, is a well made solid kit with few problems depending which way you look at it. I would say it is marketed at trying to get young people into the hobby, which can only be a good thing and with the lack of a stand, my son has three ships hanging from his bedroom ceiling.

For those of us who have more advanced modelling skills will enjoy adding extra detail and weathering at one level or perhaps a complete re-build with seam filling, super detailing and a more detailed paint job. There are already some aftermarket decals available for ident and kill markings.

I recommend this kit for its subject matter and quality and while it's not to everyone's taste, those of us with kids will enjoy sitting with them for a while and building this kit together.

That aside, this a great little kit that once my son has grown out of it, will get re built with some weathering to match it's on screen counterpart. If you want a quick modelling fix that's cheap, go and get one of these new kits.

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The Wall

chris perry
Jan 10 '14
eh up,my cousin has one of these and like you say there is no stand and there is no legs either.
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By SFMuk Admin
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