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Let me start by making a point clear: I am generally not usually too keen on fan based designs of Star Trek ships. They tend to be from the chop and glue school of model building. What I mean by this is that the fan will take the primary hull from one ship and the secondary hull from another, sometimes with the nacelles from a third, and weld them together. This is in my opinion (and it is just my opinion) pretty lazy and generally the results don't work very well. There are natural exceptions to this but any time spent on any schematics website will reveal countless horrors inflicted by someone with Photoshop.

So when I see that a particular design is a piece of "fan-design" I'm not usually at the front of the queue to get one.

The Brevig class ship has been release by Starship Creations, who have been producing resin Star Trek models for a little while now. I will make it clear up front that I have been in close contact with Iain there for some time and Iain will give me advance warning of his new releases. The original releases were from Ravenstar Model's old range of models but Iain is now producing new models which have not been previously available, including this Brevig class ship.

So, with my prejudice against fan-designs in mind I wouldn't normally go for. But this design is a little different to the norm. For a start it uses no parts which can be found on any other Federation or Trek ship and is, to the best of my knowledge, a 100% scratch build. It is flat (much like a Defiant) and has an aggressive feel to it, which was starting to come into Federation ships at the time we left the future and went back to the past (you know what I mean!). The ship also has something which almost looks Giger-esque, with an organic looking backbone.

Official Background

The Brevig is an experimental craft specifically designed to combat the ever increasing Borg threat. It is the first Federation ship to be powered using Quantum Filiment engines. Designed by Captain Christopher Brevig at the Federation Research and Development Facility Yard at Chi Cygni 4, Captain Brevig is also in Command of the ships shake down and development.

Although not yet tested at full speed, computer simulations are showing projected maximum speeds in excess of Warp 10. Little is known about the make up of the ship. It has 6 advanced phaser banks each of which feed directly from the Quantum core giving the ship enourmouse fire power for it size it also has advanced multi-phasic shielding and advanced sensor capabilities. Initial field trials and simulated battle tests which have shown the Brevig to be highly manoeuvreable in combat have been promising and Star Fleet have already placed provisional orders for 15 hulls to be laid down.

What you Get

A little about the ship itself. This is a 1:2500 scale model and consequently it is not very large, about 85-90mm long and about 50mm wide, but it is does have a presence and would make an excellent addition to a 1:2500 Federation fleet. The model is well cast in a tan resin and there is just a hint of a seamline around the edge which will take just a few moments to clean up with a sanding stick and/or a smear of filler. There were no air bubbles present in my example.

Assembly and Building

This is a single piece model, so assembly isn't really a problem. It doesn't come with a stand but a small base of some description will be all that is needed. Painting will obviously be the main task for this particular model and I think that you could either keep it quite simple (greys and blues perhaps) or really go to town and maybe design some complex decals.

One thing to note is that, unlike a lot of 1:2500 scale kits, decals are included for this model.


This is an unusual design which has been produced in a high quality resin model. Clean up is very simple and the casting is high quality, and a good paint job will really make this model pop. For the price you can't go wrong.

Highly recommended.

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