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Dean Eyre
I forgot to put this on here.
Anyway a commission build so sadly (very) it's not mine but after it got shipped from the states I got stuck in
This is what you start out with for the neck , and the second picture is what I ended up with once I'd poured glue all over the parts and just rolled them together.....(Obviously I'm joking)
I added the parts in front of the tube myself to make the area a bit more "busy" looking.

Dean Eyre Jan 9 '15 · Comments: 19
SFMuk Admin

This is the 1:6 scale vinyl model that Geometric Designs put out a few years ago. It's no longer available, having been discontinued with the rest of the Start Trek series of figures, but it often comes up on ebay and is reasonably priced.

There are a number of parts with this kit, more than a standard vinyl kit, but not an excessive amount of constuction will be required. The gun and holster is provided as a whit metal piece, which I found needed quite a bit of cleanup, as it had some bad seam lines on it. The knife is also white metal, but was a much cleaner moulding. There are also a number of fiddly vinyl bits (mounted on the large piece just underneath the left hand) which form the spikes common of Klingon uniforms. You might be able to tell from this picture that the head was quite deformed. This is not unusual with vinyl kits and can be rectified with some warm water. Warm the part up and the vinyl will soften. When you're happy with the shape drip in cold water and the vinyl will harden into the new shape.... more

SFMuk Admin Jan 10 '14 · Comments: 4 · Tags: figure, star trek, klingon, gowron
Paul mather

So I treated myself with a little bit of Christmas money. I have wanted to really try and stretch my painting ability to the limit and I have had my eye on this model for a long time. 

Nocturna Models product link

It is loosely based on the cover art from one of the Return to Wonderland comics, the artwork by J Scott Campbell is awesome. 

J SCott Campbell's original image

Here is the box which arrived on the 16th January. It cost 44 Euros direct form the company with about a fiver for transport from Spain. 

... more

Paul mather Jan 17 '14 · Comments: 4 · Tags: alice, nocturna models
Marten Richens
Well folks, I have finally finished my Drop Ship dio and I am happy with it (finally!). It has taken most of this year to build (and rebuild) making me question why I do this, but I came through all the adversity and now have a finished piece. And it's my first lit project as well.

Here are a few snaps of the dio. I created the Alien on the ramp out of wire and thin strips of PVA soaked newspaper.

Photo Bucket Slide Show

Now I can concentrate on the Angel Interceptors...

Have a great Christmas everyone and I hope Santa brings you all the plastic and noxious chemicals you could possibly wish for!

Marten Richens Dec 24 '14 · Comments: 2
SFMuk Admin

(Please note that this item is no longer available).


The Archer Class is a small ship, designed for border patrol, escort and scouting duties. It fits nicely into the post-Voyager era.

The kit I originally obtained my Archers from Ravenstar, although now the moulds are in the possession of Starship Creations. What you get for your £7.50 are three full ships – one-piece kits of the main body and pylons and two nacelles each. The flash was minimal and little clean up was needed, except on the nacelles which needed some work. Because it is an original design there is little reference on how the ship goes together, except for a few pictures online, but it is pretty simple to figure out that the nacelles go on the end of the pylons!

Construction, painting, and finishing

Once the ship is built, it is quite simple to paint – the fine detailing means that a simple paint scheme is best, I primed with a dark grey (Halfords Grey Primer) and then drybrushed the base coat (Games Workshop’s Fortress Grey) – this left all the panel lines and windows intact, eliminating the need to go back over them with a fine-lining pen. Because I was looking to match the paint scheme with other ships, I highlighted some of the panels in different blues/greys, added the blue for the nacelles and deflector (Games Workshop’s Ice Blue) and then proceeded onto decaling.... more

SFMuk Admin Nov 19 '13 · Rate: 3 · Comments: 1 · Tags: tak5haka, 1:2500, star trek, review
SFMuk Admin

This is one of six new kits developed by Revell of Germany to coincide with the new Star Wars film. Revell has decided to have a different approach with these kits, and taken a new approach like some other manufacturers, by making these kits pre-painted and of a snap-fix construction. The only exception to this new approach is the Republic Star Destroyer, which is a standard glue and paint kit.

When I bought the kit I hadn't seen the film yet so I wasn't over familiar with the ship itself and therefore didn't have a reference to the kit in my head to be objective about how it should look and how detailed it is compared to the film version (not sure if the film uses a model or just CGI).... more

SFMuk Admin Jan 10 '14 · Comments: 1 · Tags: review, star wars, jedi starfighter

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