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For your money you get 16 pieces of just slightly off-white resin, which together make up the additional parts of the Enterprise D as it was seen in the final Next Generation episode 'All Good Things'. You will need the 1:1400 ERTL Enterprise D kit to complete the model. Any version of the ERTL kit should be fine (original TNG, Generations and fibre optic versions) as I believe they are the same apart from the coloured clear parts in the fibre optic version. The parts have some flash on them, but this is not excessive and will not require considerable time and effort to remove. The edges appear a little ragged but it is difficult to tell whether this is due to resin missing along the edge or the flash. Casting quality appears good, and certainly compares with the few other resin kits I have.

What You Get

The parts come in the standard StarCrafts packaging and were well protected with styrofoam peanuts (mine came all the way to the UK without any damage).

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(Please note that this item is no longer available).


The Archer Class is a small ship, designed for border patrol, escort and scouting duties. It fits nicely into the post-Voyager era.

The kit I originally obtained my Archers from Ravenstar, although now the moulds are in the possession of Starship Creations. What you get for your £7.50 are three full ships – one-piece kits of the main body and pylons and two nacelles each. The flash was minimal and little clean up was needed, except on the nacelles which needed some work. Because it is an original design there is little reference on how the ship goes together, except for a few pictures online, but it is pretty simple to figure out that the nacelles go on the end of the pylons!

Construction, painting, and finishing

Once the ship is built, it is quite simple to paint – the fine detailing means that a simple paint scheme is best, I primed with a dark grey (Halfords Grey Primer) and then drybrushed the base coat (Games Workshop’s Fortress Grey) – this left all the panel lines and windows intact, eliminating the need to go back over them with a fine-lining pen. Because I was looking to match the paint scheme with other ships, I highlighted some of the panels in different blues/greys, added the blue for the nacelles and deflector (Games Workshop’s Ice Blue) and then proceeded onto decaling.... more

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