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These builds are really a follow-up from the Halcyon Judge Dredd kit that was featured in this year's SFM:uk Yearbook 2008, so if you haven't got one yet and want to see how I did it, and Dredd in all his mean and menacing glory, you'd best pop into the site shop and order a copy!

Judge Anderson

This kit is again a Halcyon release from the early nineties. It depicts the female telepathic Judge Anderson from the PSI Division, resplendent in a rather skin tight leather uniform and Judge regalia.

Considering that this kit came from the same manufacturer as the previous Dredd build I was a little disappointed with the quality. The vinyl had airholes, and poor castings in several places. Nothing some filler and Milliput would not sort out, but after the excellent quality of the Dredd kit a small letdown nonetheless.

The build technique is virtually identical to that of Dredd. All pieces are trimmed of excess vinyl then super-glued together. Her legs and boots are filled with plaster to weigh her down and provide some stability.

Seeing as they are in the same "police" force I use the exact same colours for her uniform, the only real difference is in the skin tones. I keep her skin a fairer complexion and once again use a Mark Wilkinson picture as reference.

The base is identical to Dredd's.

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