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I don't know who runs the world per se, (as opposed to bacteria). But one look at the annual Forbes 100 often gives you a small insight at the diverse groups of power and influence to ideologies and industry regions. Okay, that's probably a heavy opening for a meagre model review, but as we know, life has an all important eco system, and the tampering of which can spell chaos to all, that, as one wide eyed young film-maker once wrote, binds the galaxy together.

Of the many public faces on the rich list, it's interesting to note that said film-maker is in a much higher placing than, say, Steven Spielberg. Curious, when considering that the latter has a huge body of work under his belt, and the former has directed only 6 films in 35 years.... more

SFMuk Admin Nov 22 '13 · Tags: review, star wars, droid

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