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Maker: Polar Lights (re-issue from Aurora)

Type: Injection moulded kit

Price: Approx. £18

Availability: Getting hard to find

Many people consider The Bride of Frankenstein to be both the best horror film ever made and the best sequel of all time. Released in 1936, four years after the success of Universals original Frankenstein, and once more helmed by the eccentric Brit director James Whale, and starring Boris Karloff who's immortally was assured both for his underrated performance and the unsurpassable make up job provided for his monster. This sequel would also iconogrophise Elsa Lanchester into pop culture with her uber-electrified hairdo as the monsters would be, hissy fitted mate.... more

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Many Yarhens ago, a bunch of talanted techno hippies were collected together and given the opportunity to work on some space movie. They pretty much achieved the Woodstock of spaceships and special effects.

After finishing the gig, they went home and thought they would probably never do anything like that again and looked forward to becoming session techno hippies here and there.

As it happens, something did come along, rumours abound that a sequel was in the pipelines, but that would not happen for a while. Instead, their leader got a gig on a TV series for Universal.... more

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