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The Liberator model was the hardest model kit I've ever gone out to find. Even on Ebay they're rarer than a steak with a heartbeat but they do appear every so often, usually half-assembled by a sweating monkey with the crudest of tools imaginable. This one was lurking in the basement of Comet Miniatures in London, the actual home of the kit where the man who handed it over to me was the very same one who was responsible for bringing this to us modellers, via the cost of a couple of houses that he apparently enjoys moaning about a very great deal.

The Model

This ship was designed in the innocent days of 1977 long before the painstaking nit-picking of Star Trek or people who try and fit the interior of the Millennium Falcon into the exterior. With this spacecraft even utterly basic details like the length of the ship are still wide open to debate.

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SFMuk Admin Nov 22 '13 · Tags: review, blakes 7, liberator

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