Picked up the new 1:24 scale Iron Man kits from Dragon recently and here is a quick review of them.  They are available for around the £12/13 mark on places like eBay at the moment.

There are 4 kits available at the moment and they are labelled up as Series 1, so I assume that if these are successful then there might be a Series 2.  Boxes are all the same for them:

It's not until you turn them over that you can see which one is which (note the small dot next to the image on the back).

But these aren't like some of the smaller Japanese kits which hide what is inside until you open them.  You buy the ones you want and don't have to buy 10 to get all 4.

Inside the parts come in a small tray which will be familiar to anyone who has built any of the Dragon figure kits.

Better picture with the cellophane removed.

They are made from the same vinyl material as the 1:9 scale kits (such as Captain America, Thor etc, but not the other Iron Man kits which are regular styrene and come on sprues) and the part breakdown is the same for all the kits.  Because of the material some of the detail is a little soft but this is not a major issue.

Assembly is pretty straightforwards and the arms, legs and head slip into the torso and the back of the torso holds everything in place.

This needs to be compressed together to remove gaps and little bit of superglue will hold everything tightly.

Assembly is therefore very simple and these went together very quickly.  Each comes with it's one distinct base which is "based" on the last battle scene on the boat.

So here are the 4 kits.

Mk 42: The main suit from the movie.  Not sure about the pose on this one as it is very off balance.

Probably this is more obvious from the side.

Mk 40 "Shotgun Armor": Quite a dramatic pose but quite static.

Mk 35 "Red Snapper Armor": Very chunky suit.  Like this one.

Mk 16 "Nightclub Armor": Like this pose the most of all of them.

As for size these are about 3" although I didn't measure them.  Here is one with item to scale to:

Overall these are nice kits and if this release is followed by others there might be opportunities to build them into a large scene.  It's a shame they didn't create the bases to interlock though.

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