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So I treated myself with a little bit of Christmas money. I have wanted to really try and stretch my painting ability to the limit and I have had my eye on this model for a long time. 

Nocturna Models product link

It is loosely based on the cover art from one of the Return to Wonderland comics, the artwork by J Scott Campbell is awesome. 

J SCott Campbell's original image

Here is the box which arrived on the 16th January. It cost 44 Euros direct form the company with about a fiver for transport from Spain. 

On opening the box I found one beautifully crisp and amazingly delicate casting in an off white greyish resin. The details are staggeringly well done and there was only the tiniest hole on her torso about the size of a pinhole. There were two small holes in the base, but these were easily filled. 

I did a test fit and my word she goes together beautifully. I wont need to pin as the sockets are done very well and a small dab of superglue should be more than enough. 

I primed the whole model in a spray mid brown and then dusted in light grey from above and to one side slightly to get some contrast so I can see where the shadows will fall in the painting as I intend to paint this as if light is coming form the top left. 

I have actually put some initial earth tone washes on the base here. 

I am not going to rush this, and I need to get on with the VIKTOR tank build. But I am hoping to steadily progress this over the next month or so. It would be nice to take to Crewe, but I am not holding out much hop. I want it done right, not fast. 

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The Wall

SFMuk Admin
Jan 17 '14
Nice kit Paul. How big is it?
Jan 17 '14
Got his 2014 calendar on our kitchen wall, fantastic artist. Link to the supplier?.
Paul mather
Jan 17 '14
It's about 80mm tall from base to top.
Yeah J Scott Campbell is a mighty talent. I fist found his work on Gen 13. my guilty pleasure.

The product link is at the top of the post.
Marten Richens
Jan 29 '14
Nothing guilty about Gen-13 Paul, it was a great read. I came to JSC the old fashioned way, via Danger Girl and I have loved his art ever since. This looks like a stunning kit, I watch your progress with interest.
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By Paul mather
Added Jan 17 '14



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