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The Model

I picked this large 1:350 scale NX-01 Enterprise from ModelZone in Holborn, having bought the Refit Enterprise previously. Like it's cousin it is a big kit, but not quite so large. (Note: The price for these is now significantly higher than it was at the time of this review).

So, as I say, this is another large model so be warned that if you get this you are going to need a heck of a lot of shelf space for it.

All the parts are pretty much separately wrapped, which is great as it stops them scratching each other up during transit.

I'll start with the largest part which is the saucer. This takes up pretty much the whole of the bottom of the box and comes in 2 parts, top and bottom obviously, with parts to go in around the edges. There are a lot of clear parts which act as the windows, but all those clear parts will cause a problem with painting. The instructions suggest painting prior to assembly but there are large gaps in most places so filling will be required. So masking the windows looks to be essential.

Unlike the larger refit Enterprise this doesn't have the same level of bulk so there are less spacers within the kit. But there are some and having go some way with the assembly of it they do not appear to be ideally positioned.

There are several lots of smaller parts:

The section at the back (perhaps someone can enlighten me as to what ths is meant to be) is provided as a top and bottom onto which the pylons fit. This would have been better as a single piece since it would fix the angle of the pylons relative to each other. As it is the pylons are glued into the rear part and the angle is rather variable, even with the method that Polar Lights have provided to set the angle.

The nacelles look to be nicely moulded and have a lot of detail on them. They have a lot of clear parts to complete them.

And then there are all the clear parts, for the windows and the nacelles mainly.

And the final part is the base. Unlike the Refit this has not been designed to represent a dry dock, but is an untextured outline of the Enterprise as seen on the mission patch. Some raised texturing might have provided some interest to this and as it is I will design a decal to fit it.

As was my complaint is with all Polar Lights kits the instructions are a little brief and vague. For something of this size I would have expected a little more I think. An example of the Aztec pattern is provided but it is neither helpful nor accurate. A link to the Polar Lights website is given which has a number of views, which is more helpful.

But the decals are very good and are printed on the usual Polar Lights white decal paper. Personally I prefer the blue backing because it makes it so much easier to see the white decals.


This is definitely a good value for money model. It is very large and impressive, with good detail. However, the fit is somewhat vague in a number of places and the location pins do not always help in the building.

My opinion may be slightly less positive that for the Refit for the simple reason that I have started to try and build it and now discovered these issues, whereas they are still unknown on the Refit for the moment. But I would conclude that this is one to buy for the Start Trek fan.

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