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I picked up this kit from ModelZone in Holborn who had a fairly decent stock of both these and the similarly scaled NX-01 Enterprise for £29.99. (Note: this was written some years ago and expect to pay significantly more than this now).


What you Get

The first thing to say is that is one HUGE kit. I knew it was going to be pretty large but it's just staggering how big it actually is. I've tried to put a tape measure in all my pictures so you can compare for yourself. But be warned that if you get this you are going to need a heck of a lot of shelf space for it.

All the parts are pretty much separately wrapped, which is great as it stops them scratching each other up during transit.

I'll start with the largest part which is the saucer. This takes up the entire footprint of the box, which should give you an idea of the overall size. I think I measure it at 15 inches across. The saucer comes in 2 parts, top and bottom obviously, with parts to go in around the edges. There are also parts to create the VIP lounge at the back of the bridge.

To give an idea of size I put the Polar Lights 1:1000 Original Series Enterprise onto the saucer, you can see the comparison yourself....

A lot of the parts have long parts which project out and will maintain the correct distance between them. I'll call them stays because I don't know what they are meant to be called. On a model of this size something like this is essential, especially on the secondary hull. This is made up of 4 main parts, the bottom, the top and each side. Without these stays the chances of getting it all lined up would be virtually zero.

You can see these stays in the picture below which is the sides of the secondary hull.

And the outside of the parts.

2 different bottoms are provided, one for the Enterprise and one for the Enterprise-A. Similarly separate parts are provided whenever this situation arises so you can easily build either version accurately.

The main deflector is made up of 3 main parts, which I popped together quickly to see what they looked like. As you can see pretty big:

The nacelles are equally huge, being about 2/3rds the length of my arm.

The detail on them is finely etched and looks very good.

The other thing to add here is that the inside parts of the nacelle are provided in clear plastic so you can light it, something I'll come to shortly.

The pylons also look good:

Assembling such large parts will provide it's own challenge because there is the high potential for them to sag under their own weight and a small error in gluing is likely to notice a great deal more than on a smaller kit.

The remainder of the parts can be seen in the pictures below:

The clear parts, and there are a lot of them, come wrapped separately and some parts are protected further with extra wrappings.

As this kit is so large and it has been engineered with so many clear parts it's obvious that it has been designed very specifically with lighting in mind. For anyone with the patience and skill this would make a fantastic finished item. Even without the elaborate lighting that would be required, and would I'm sure cost a great deal more than the model itself, this makes for a stunning centre-piece,

The instructions are upto the usual level of Polar Lights and are a little brief and vague. For something of this size I would have expected a little more I think.

They do provide you with stencils for some of the aztec patterns, which is going to be the biggest pain in painting. These need to be copied and cut out. The secondary hull is catered for with just a small section of aztec pattern.

The decals look very good and are printed on the usual Polar Lights white decal paper. Personally I prefer the blue backing because it makes it so much easier to see the white decals.

Not shown but also provided is a large base which mimics a section of the spacedock.

So that's a quick run through of this monster. They quote the length as 3 feet when built and I think that's probably right. This is one big monster, which should hopefully make the job of painting it a bit easier and less fiddly.

I intend to build mine in an unlit form. Although I've had some success with lighting models in the past it's not really my thing and I find it hugely time consuming. This puts me off even starting I'm afraid. So in order to actually get this finished I'm not going this route.


I got to recommend that any Star Trek model fan with some decent amount of space should get this kit. For the price of £29.99 and the level of detail that is in the model it's got to be said that it represents excellent value for money.


Since the release of this kit there have been a lot of aftermarket kits released, including resin accessorizing kits and a plethora of decals.  Some of these decals are available to download for free and print yourself. 

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