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This is the 1:6 scale vinyl model that Geometric Designs put out a few years ago. It's no longer available, having been discontinued with the rest of the Start Trek series of figures, but it often comes up on ebay and is reasonably priced.

There are a number of parts with this kit, more than a standard vinyl kit, but not an excessive amount of constuction will be required. The gun and holster is provided as a whit metal piece, which I found needed quite a bit of cleanup, as it had some bad seam lines on it. The knife is also white metal, but was a much cleaner moulding. There are also a number of fiddly vinyl bits (mounted on the large piece just underneath the left hand) which form the spikes common of Klingon uniforms. You might be able to tell from this picture that the head was quite deformed. This is not unusual with vinyl kits and can be rectified with some warm water. Warm the part up and the vinyl will soften. When you're happy with the shape drip in cold water and the vinyl will harden into the new shape.

As you can see the face is now much better. And is a good likeness of the actor that played Gowron.

Here the inital stages of assembly have been done. The legs were filled with plaster of paris. This give a lot of stability and also prevents the parts from deforming if they should subsequently become warm. This is a problem for me as my model room is a converted loft space which does get hot in summer, and the shelves my completed models are dispayed on are right beside the window. The chest was packed out with newspaper, again to prevent the distortion but as this is lighter it wont become top heavy.

And assembly completed and the model primed with Halford grey primer. Priming a vinyl model is important, as it provides a good key or the later laters of paint. One thing with vinyl kits is that you shouldn't use enamels on them because they react with the vinyl. If the model is well primed then you can get away with using enamels though. I always prefer Tamiya or Games Workshop acrylics, but that's personal preference.

As mentioned above I used Tamiya paints for this model. I'm afraid I didn't take photos during the painting process, so it skips now to the finished item. There is a lot of raised detail on this figure and this was brought out by using a lot of drybrushing. And I really do mean loads. A lighter version of the base colour was either found or mixed up and this was applied in a slow and steady way. It's very easy to over do drybrushing, but on this particular model I don't think you can. The only change made to the model was to add a strap of the gun to hang from. Not really sure this particular one works though. Doesn't look like the gun is actually hanging from it. The base is made from plaster of paris on a MDF base. The lines were carved into it to make a courtyard pattern while it was still wet. The face was done with dark washes followed by lighter drybrushing.

And here are two more views of the finished model.

The Geometric Designs kits are (as stated above) no longer available but are well worth looking out for. They're high quality kits and the details are excellent. But do watch out for recasts. Recasting is what resulted in Geometrics quiting the business, and they're not such high quality. Look for the original boxes, rather than parts just bagged up. I have all but the Spock figure that Geometrics but out. But have completed very few to date. Hopefully I get time soon to complete the bridge crew, although they never released one of Beverley Crusher, so I'm out of luck there.

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The Wall

Alan "Budgie" Murray
Jan 10 '14
agreed on the GEOmetric TNG kits being of high quality. my only concern with them was the scales of some of them.. Riker looked a little large when standing next to the rest while Deanna looked a little too small. Having had the whole set in the past I regret selling them especially when I was paying top money (£50-£70 at the time for them).. The Geordie, Picard and Data ones are expecially good sculpts.. I can highly recommend the Ambassador Spock one too

agreed on the GEOmetric TNG kits being of high quality. my only concern with them was the scales of some of them.. Riker looked a little large when standing next to the rest while Deanna looked a litt...See more
Jan 11 '14
These were great kits. Think I have them all including the Romulan officer, Ferengi and Spock that I got from someone in this group....someone not very far away!!!
Alan "Budgie" Murray
Jan 11 '14
was it me? notice on another group Im on someone selling some of them
Jan 11 '14
Yep, it was indeed you!
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By SFMuk Admin
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