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A few months agao Starship Creations released a couple of new Romulan ships which had been mastered by Alfred Wong, a well known scratchbuilder and kitbasher, who has mastered many of the best garage kits on sale today. I decided to get a couple of them and the D'Korva is the first one I have finished.

Official Background

The D' Korva Class entered service in the early 2360's. It was a refinement of the Bre'el class design which had been introduced into Klingon service over eighty years earlier. The new Romulan starship was similarly configured for reconnaissance, special operations and internal pacification roles. Unlike contemporary Romulan ships the D'Korva was powered by a conventional matter/anti-matter power plant.

The D'Korva (Or "Osprey" as it was code named by Star Fleet) were rarely seen prior to the Dominion War; confrontations with the Klingon and Federation forces were left to the massive D'deridex warbirds. The D'deridex class most notorious achievement was the high-jacking and seizure of the USS Prometheus.

Though well suited to there intended role, Ospreys were subjected to brutally hard use during the Dominion War. As the only Romulan class that could be quickly adapted to withstand the Breen energy-dampening weapon, Ospreys were the combat arm of the Romulan Star Navy for several months.

When the armistice was finally declared, only 56% of the Osprey fleet remained. Almost all of the remaining units were damaged; over 20% of the survivors were salvaged for useful parts. An upgraded form of the class remains in limited production today.

What you Get

A little about the ship itself. This model can be used in either 1:1400 or 1:2500 scale. It's not huge, about 160mm long and the same wide, and so I decided to build it to fit into the 1:2500 fleet I am building. The model is well cast in a tan resin and there is just a hint of a seamline around the edge which will take just a few moments to clean up with a sanding stick and/or a smear of filler. There was a slight warping on one edge of the neck on my sample, which appeared to have been caused when the part was de-moulded too soon when the resin had not had a chance to set sufficiently. In addition there was a scattering of airbubbles which are annoying to fill and only reveal themselves once you have added a coat of primer.

Assembly and Building

The build I relatively straight forwards. There is a hanger bay (at least that's what it looks like) which goes behind the front nose and two guns which fit under each wing. The hanger bay had a slight gap where it connects to the nose and there is a little filling required around the guns. This isn't unusual with resin kits though and is not a major problem. It doesn't come with a stand but a smallish base of some description will be all that is needed.

Painting and Decaling

Once all the little airbubbles were filled the model was primed.and an even coat of bright green (Tamiya paints) was sprayed over the entire model. This was followed up with some light grey (again Tamiya) to highlight certain areas, following the pictures on Starship Creations website as a rough guide.

The biggest problem at the moment is that the decals promised by Starship Creations are not yet available. I therefore had the choice of either setting the model to one side to wait for them to arrive, or to design my own. I took the later path because I wanted to get a finished item and will use the decals when I get them for detail points. I'm afraid that at the moment I can't give you any details about the decals because I haven't seen them.

My decals were designed by taking a tracing of the pattern on the wings and recolouring the sections in Photoshop. A couple of test fits got them right. I used white decal paper from Craft Computer Paper. The model was gloss coated with Klear and the decals went on well, settling in with a coat of Micro Set and Micro Sol. The whole model was recoated with Klear to seal the decals.

A few damage decals were added from some that I printed out years ago to give the look that the ship had seen some action (based off the background history).


There aren't that many Romulan ships about for the kit builder to add to their collections. Clean up is very simple and the casting is good, although the air bubbles are annoying and the damage to the resin could easily have been avoided by waiting just a couple of minutes before demoulding. The price is reasonable for what you get.

Recommended but you might want to wait for the decals.

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