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Absolutely.  Really wish they would do the earlier suits (Mk1 and Mk3 etc) but it's probably a licensing thing....
Alun 11 minutes ago
She came out great. Love the idea for the urn, did you scratch it or buy it in?
Ellenbethsdad Yesterday, 20:22
Looks like it could be interesting project there Gareth. I tried to strip a kit with detol once, left it totally submerged in a bath of the stuff... More
Ellenbethsdad Yesterday, 07:37
I was thinking that the main suits are like medieval armour and would be kept clean and shiny, the War Machine suit is a tank and would have wear... More
Alun Yesterday, 00:10
Actually more impressed by that new droid.  Really remarkable and all real rather than CGI.
Alun Apr 17
The moss looks good to me! I went through about 3 versions of the fur before I ended up with the version I've stuck with.  Sorry, can't... More
Alun Apr 15
Hi Marten, Pre-shading was fine, it's the time masking off the panels for the greys that the arse......   :)
Nice job Chris, the Klingons would be proud!
Tempting Marten up up to my neck in house decorating.. gives me an excuse to get all the models down and give them a dust etc..  Alan..
If you're going for an exterior base, The Works are selling Das off dirt cheap, here's a link to their web... More
I actually use a head magnifier for some jobs nowadays, not the same as this but a similar idea.. head torch and a variety of clip on magnified...
Coming on nicely there... Looking forward to the rest of his build (and the random '80s rock references!)
Dear All For sometime now I have been growing increasingly concerned about a downward spiral for the site with reduced builds and posts taking... More
Quote from Alun Quote from Toby Page Quote from Alun Looks good.  Like the dirt pattern, will have to try doing that with a sponge at... More


I forgot to put this on here. Anyway a commission build so sadly (very) it's not mine but after it got shipped from the states I got stuck in This is what you start out with for... more
Well folks, I have finally finished my Drop Ship dio and I am happy with it (finally!). It has taken most of this year to build (and rebuild) making me question why I do this, but ... more
Marten Richens Dec 24 '14
Picked up the new 1:24 scale Iron Man kits from Dragon recently and here is a quick review of them. They are available for around the £12/13 mark on places like eBay at the moment... more
Alun Aug 27 '14
What You Get There have been 2 other models released by Airfix which tie-in with the Wallace and Gromit shorts, namely the airplane and the motorbike and sidecar, both from "A... more
SFMuk Admin Feb 12 '14
Building The MasterBlaster From Mad Max: Beyond Thunderd ome. Back in 1985 I committed a crime, nothing major but a crime nonetheless. Along with a friend from school I sneaked in ... more
SFMuk Admin Feb 11 '14

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