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SFM:uk is a web-based community of science fiction and fantasy model builders, including horror and the genres in general. Our members here are interested in all aspects of sci-fi and fantasy model building from regular "out-of-the-box" build ups, resin kits, kit-bashing and scratchbuilding. Interests are wideranging and include spaceships, vehicles, figures and mechs. Semi-regular events are organised, including competitions.

Although this site was established for people in the UK as a place to communicate and share information directly related to the UK scene, you are welcome to join regardless of your location. Just please remember the geographical bias that will be presented here.

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Just got back from watching Fury Road and it's insane in a good way. It felt as though Thunderdome never happened and was straight off the back of... More
Ellenbethsdad Yesterday, 21:34
For the show in Leicester at the Star Wars weekend we would like to have a raffle run on the table with all proceeds going to the nominated charity... More
I didn't take many photos during the construction so please excuse the jumps in this build.I started making the drivers seat and cover out of... More
I have just received this in my inbox and thought i should share it amongst the collective. It's a chance to win a Kirk era phaser remote control!... More
Oddly, being a big SW geek, I have no kits at all! I'd love to attend, but Leicester is a bit of a stretch from Exeter.
Hi Ant There are actually four LEDs so they theoretically should be able to just rotate but I'm buggered if I know how to do it.
wilko's own brand chrome paint. Only top end modelling supplies for me Marten.
Anyone got one of the old AMT / Ertl Jabbas Palace dio kits lying around that they want to get rid of cheap? Pete
Need to check to see if my wife's off/can get the time off, but am interested
Oh boy, that's a whole different level of sci fi modelling right there.... gotta love the drink spills.  Looks like an actual working unit, I... More
Give that man a prize!
Alun May 12
Might well take you up on that!
No problem, Found some on ebay that is a bit small, but think it should have enough give in it to fit over the fan.The positive side is that it's... More


I forgot to put this on here. Anyway a commission build so sadly (very) it's not mine but after it got shipped from the states I got stuck in This is what you start out with for... more
Well folks, I have finally finished my Drop Ship dio and I am happy with it (finally!). It has taken most of this year to build (and rebuild) making me question why I do this, but ... more
Marten Richens Dec 24 '14
Picked up the new 1:24 scale Iron Man kits from Dragon recently and here is a quick review of them. They are available for around the £12/13 mark on places like eBay at the moment... more
Alun Aug 27 '14
What You Get There have been 2 other models released by Airfix which tie-in with the Wallace and Gromit shorts, namely the airplane and the motorbike and sidecar, both from "A... more
SFMuk Admin Feb 12 '14
Building The MasterBlaster From Mad Max: Beyond Thunderd ome. Back in 1985 I committed a crime, nothing major but a crime nonetheless. Along with a friend from school I sneaked in ... more
SFMuk Admin Feb 11 '14

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